To purchase a book or calendar, simply click here. In the comments let me know what item and how many you’d like. Also, please remember to include money for shipping. Thanks.
Calendars cost $25 and require $10 shipping per address.

Or send a check to Dave Buchen, 2005 Las Violetas, San Juan, PR 00915

7 responses to “Paypal

  1. would like to buy a copy of “azo”

  2. I would like to buy the Bestiary 2013 calendar.
    Beth Diaz

  3. Hi Dave, I donated money for the 2014 calendar. Lookin forward to seeing it! Thank you for making these!

  4. Hi Dave,

    What Is a Tiger and one calendar please. Looking forward!

  5. Dos calendarios, por favor. See ya, Daithi

  6. Fred Lonberg-Holm

    4 copies of the 2016 calendar please. Thanks.

  7. 2 calendars for us–Daithi

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