Since 1999, I’ve made a Bestiary Calendar every year. This year’s calendar is all carnival all the time featuring revelers from Haiti to Croatia. They cost $25 each plus $10 shipping per address. You can pay through paypal or by sending me a check at Dave Buchen, 363 San Francisco, San Juan, PR 00901.

8 responses to “Calendars

  1. Dear Dave-

    I’d love one of your 2011 calendars. Please acknowledge that you will send me one asap and I’ll send you a check or the money via PayPal.

    Len Jacobs
    230 Bayville Road
    Lattingtown, NY 11560

  2. Hooray! Calendars! Look for my annual order via PayPal.

  3. Beautiful. But what do the bottom of the calendars look like?

  4. Dave, need three, as per usual. do you prefer check or paypaL?


  5. Dave, I’ve been lucky enough to receive your gorgeous calendars each year for Christmas for a while now. I’d like to give one to a friend this year, as well, but I’m a little late in getting my act together. If I use PayPal to order one today, any chance of it arriving to a Chicago address by Dec. 22nd? Thanks! Crina

  6. Ours arrived yesterday!! Gorgeous! Just better every yr and always fab!! Thanks sooo!!

  7. Very excited about the new calendars! Going on Paypal now. Just got the new book, it’s beautiful Dave. Thank you.

  8. Hi Dave,
    I bought your calendars for years at Strange Cargo!
    I’d like to pay for 2 via paypal to have them shipped to me at:
    Anna Wilson
    419 Birch Drive
    Wheaton, IL 60187

    I may be dense but I’m not sure how to make tr paypal payment…
    Anna Wilson

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