2018 Calendars

Hey all

Well, what a year, huh? This is the 20th edition of my calendar and I wracked my brain over what the theme should be. I finally settled on “12″. Okay, a little obtuse, but it tickled my math geek, and you’ve got the 12 apostles, twelfth night, twelver shia, twelve angry men…
I was halfway through printing the new calendar on September 6th.
On November 20th, I started printing the calendar again. But in the meantime I had lost the tickle from an obtuse math subject and decided to start all over again. The 2018 calendar is now portraits of people in my neighborhood. The woman who works at the liquor store which was open the day after Maria hit with COLD BEER. The neighbor who gave me acupuncture after my back went to hell. A worker from the electric company.
I will be shipping them out on or about December 15th. They are still $25 each but shipping is up to $12 per address this year. The paper is a skooch bigger which is a skooch too far for the postal service.
But wait! You can also get yourself a copy of The Lost Year, or a half dozen of the other. A collection of 6 hand colored prints that just happen to be the six months of the “12” calendar. It also goes for $25.
You can pay by check, but you need to send me an email saying that the check is in the mail along with your address and how many you are ordering. Mail service is better than before, but…
Or you can send money via paypal. A link is here https://davebuchen.wordpress.com/paypal/
Thanks much


2 responses to “2018 Calendars

  1. Hi Dave,

    I just donated $50 on Paypal to order my copy of the 2018 calendar.

    Thanks for sending it to me at my home address:

    David Gregg 6725 Whitaker Ave. Lake Balboa, CA 91406

    Can’t wait!

    All the best,

    David Gregg (323) 841-0782 davidgregg63@me.com

  2. Hi Dave,

    How is it going?

    I just donated $25.00 more dollars on Paypal, for a total of $75.00.

    I would like to receive both calendars. Thanks for giving me an update about when they will arrive.

    Happy Holidays!

    David Gregg 6725 Whitaker Ave. Lake Balboa, CA 91406 (323) 841-0782

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