2013 Calendar = Year One

This year’s calendar is under way and there’s quite a change. No animals this year. I just finished my new book which entailed 80 illustrations of animals in 60 days, and my brain needs to draw something else.

And so, voila, the French Revolution!

This year’s calendar is inspired by the French Revolutionary calendar. It was used from 1792 until Napoleon abolished it and was later reinstated for a few brief months during the Paris Commune. The months* are:

January – Pluviose – Rainy
February – Ventose – Windy
March – Germinal – Germination
April – Floréal – Flower
May – Prairial – Pasture
June – Messidor – Harvest
July – Thermidor – Summer Heat
August – Fructidor – Fruit
September – Vendémiare – Grape Harvest
October – Brumiare – Fog
November – Frimaire – Frost
December – Nivose – Snowy

Here’s a link to Wikipedia which has a list of the names of every day of the year as well as the joke translations into English by a British “wit.”

* The dates do not match up. (For example, the first of Brumaire would be the 20th of October, etc.) Do not attempt to use my calendar to get to an appointment in revolutionary France!


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