El Librazo table of contents

I’m done printing the new book. Now all that’s left is the cutting, the folding, the collating, the stitching. In the meantime here is the table of contents with english translations.
Un batazo (…by a bat)
El bizcochazo (…by a cake)
Un chickstarrazo (by Chicky Starr, a former wrestler known for his dirty play, who now helps to run a private security firm, and dreams of being elected to the legislature)
Un cohetazo (…by a rocket)
El electrocudazo (… by electricity)
El encontronazo (a violent encounter)
Un escobazo (…by a broom)
El espadazo (…by a sword)
El fondillazo (… by the butt)
El latigazo (…by a whip)
El lenguetazo (by a tongue)
Un manotazo (… by a hand)
El manzanazo (…by an apple)
El merengazo (to be hit by a pie)
Un paquetazo (…by a box)
Un pinturazo (…by a painting)
Un plumazo (a signature, the hit of a pen?)[see below]
Un porrazo (…by a club)
Un pulpazo (…by an octopus)
Un ranazo (…by a frog)
Un tablazo (…by a board)
Un togazo (…by a judge- toga refers to the robes that they wear)
Un topetazo (the banging of heads)


One response to “El Librazo table of contents

  1. Oops, I left out escobatazo, to be hit by a broom.

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