Closed Casket

This August I will be participating in the final, complete and absolutely last Baudelaire in a Box.


Calendar 2017

It’s ready. 12 months of dancing, with a little extra color this year.


Enciclopedia Deiknumena

The second book is now out, A Brief and Exuberant History of Carnival. More info at enciclopediadeiknumena.wordpress.com13062093_10209452960979781_4915737290952466430_n

New Book Project

This December I am releasing a new paper cut illustrated book, A Brief and Spectacular History of the Circus. I’m raising the funds to do it via kickstarter where you can you pre-order a copy, or pre-order the next two books, or five, or 20, or 50. It’s a big book project.


When I first got carving tools for a birthday present, I used them mostly to make posters for the band I played with, Shloinke. Still doing that today.

Delicious Night


2016 Carnaval

In 2016 Lent never arrives, and carnival goes on. The cover image os from Brazil.

January 2016

Croatian Carnival

February 2016

New Orleans Indian from Mardi Gras

March 2016

Vejigante from Puerto Rico